Top 9 removalists' tips you should know before your next move.

  1. Professional removalists never write on their packing cartons, choosing to write on the masking tape at the top of the carton instead. This way the tape can be peeled off at the completion of the move and the carton reused “as new” again.
  2. Professional removalists know that the customer will always need essentials (coffee, toilet paper etc.) when they move into their new home. Therefore, a storage carton should be allocated as an “emergency carton” and not packed way.
  3. Place all light items into plastic shopping bags. This is a great cardboard saving idea for rounding up all those plastics, toys and cushions.
  4. If your furniture is being placed into Self Storage, leave 6 - 10 old sheets/blankets available for your removalists to use. Using sheets/blankets will protect your furniture when stacking and allow for greater height utilisation (saving you space and money).
  5. An important tip should you be placing your fridge into storage. Place a roll of toilet paper in the fridge after cleaning.Toilet paper absorbs a lot of that "chemical" smell and moisture in a short time once placed in the fridge after cleaning.
  6. Professional removalists always pad the bottom and tops of cartons with “scrunched up” ink- free paper when packing fragile items. This forms a cushion against movement and increases stability.
  7. Professional removalists know that using newspaper to wrap plates and glassware is not a good idea, as the ink causes staining over time. Newspaper is fine for padding the carton, though not for wrapping. Wrapping should be done with unprinted paper.
  8. Professional removalists always load plates and glassware into the packing cartons “like you would when loading a dishwasher.” This way no one plate or glass is taking all the downward force, significantly reducing chips and cracks.
  9. Professional removalists know that loading the furniture truck is not what takes the majority of time; it is the walking distances involved. To reduce the walking distance of your removalists wherever possible; bring small items downstairs or to a front loading area, bedroom items to the lounge room etc., this will save you money with your next move.